What are Ostomy Belts?

Ostomy Belt

Ostomy belt is a gadget that protects and supports the weight of ostomy appliances. The patient has to wrap this belt around the abdomen. While performing some forceful activities, an ostomate should wear this device to hold up the gears.

Ostomy belts are the perfect solution for keeping the ostomy supplies on their place. They can hold and support the flanges and pouches. Moreover, they can preserve the seal of the bag and prevent leakage. Ostomy belt is an elastic device that hooks onto the small loops on the straps.

After the ostomy surgery, it is hard to get back to your previous life. You need some time to manage life with the stoma and its supplies. Right after the operation, you lose your muscles, to gain them back, you have to perform some physical activities daily. You should walk for a few minutes post-surgery. You need to rebuild the muscles that you have lost during the ostomy operation. Well, with small physical activities, you will get back to your previous life and do whatever you want to do such as running, gym, biking, golf, swimming, cycling, or any other sport.

Thus, while performing any physical activity like running, gym, swimming, etc., you need some sort of support for the ostomy appliances. You need to be sure that your stoma gadgets are affixed. So, your perfect taping material is here in the name of an ostomy belt.

They are useful for supporting your ostomy appliances like bags, flanges, and seal. Ostomy belts can cover the gadgets and control the leakage. However, if you sweat a lot, you need to change your ostomy flanges during the play.

Why is Ostomy Belt Important for Ostomates?

Ostomy patients have to face several problems regarding the appliance they use for the stoma. No matter how expensive or unique flanges, bags, pouches, or adhesives they use, patients usually complain about the leakage, misplacement of the devices, release of odor, and gas. However, until now, there are no appropriate solutions for dealing with ostomy appliances’ issues.

Ostomates have to face embarrassment in public, they give up going shopping, doing outdoor activities, and public gatherings.

As I mentioned above, there is no ultimate solution to the problems of ostomates; however, they can control and prevent many issues of ostomy supplies with the help of an ostomy belt. They have to wrap it around the belly, and it will prevent the leakage and control the placement of flanges and adhesives. The ostomy belt supports the ostomy system in proper functioning and placement. They are usually available in one to one point five inches in width and one hindered and fifty-four inches in length.

Advantages of Ostomy Belt

Here are some tremendous advantages of the ostomy belt:

  • An ostomy belt can hide your stoma pouch under its wrapping. Moreover, it supports and stabilizes the appliances like flanges or bag.
  • An ostomy belt can hold the weight of the stoma pouch which is full of discharge.
  • It can make the noise quiet appears in the ostomy bag due to gas and fluid.
  • An ostomy belt can fic and tighten the stoma appliances. Thus, they cannot move and there are almost zero chances of leakage and pain.
  • Moreover, they can reduce the tendency of skin rashes and itches around the stoma (peristomal skin).
  • An ostomy belt provides additional lateral support to the tissues and muscles around the skin of stoma.
  • It can protect and support the ostomy appliances in all the ways much better than any other solution. It can eliminate any skin related issues arise due to the stoma and leakage.

The Right Position of the Ostomy Belt

While wearing the belt, make it is not too tight (that creates problems for your waist and skin) and not too loose (that generates issues for the holding and protecting of ostomy appliances and leakage). You should position the belt at three and nine o’clock orders.

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