Learn the Proper Way of Bathing Stoma Bag

When you have a stoma, your entire life gets changed. You need to live a new life with some changes. Therefore, you must know about the stoma, it’s care, and the importance of hygiene. Most of the ostomates do not know about stoma care and its impact on their well-being. After the ostomy surgery, youContinue reading “Learn the Proper Way of Bathing Stoma Bag”

Does Acidic Urine Help Urostomy Patients?

When the word acidic urine comes, many people misunderstand its purpose. However, it is beneficial for urostomy patients, as it controls the bacteria growth and decreases the build-up of salt crystals. Moreover, it can prevent the infections caused due to the urine. The accurate level of acidity can protect the peristomal skin from rashes, itching,Continue reading “Does Acidic Urine Help Urostomy Patients?”

Can you survive a month without ostomy gear?

Seeing how crazy life can get in the United States has left me wondering if I am prepared for the worst.  There is so much political hate that people are willing to let cities burn for re-election.  The United States has changed and in 2021 the COVID-19 Pandemic was only a catalyst that showed meContinue reading “Can you survive a month without ostomy gear?”

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