Learn the Proper Way of Bathing Stoma Bag

When you have a stoma, your entire life gets changed. You need to live a new life with some changes. Therefore, you must know about the stoma, it’s care, and the importance of hygiene. Most of the ostomates do not know about stoma care and its impact on their well-being.

After the ostomy surgery, you need to do care for the stoma and its appliance as you are concerned about yourself. Thus, the question arises regarding cleanliness and care of the stoma hole, and the pouch is about taking a shower. So, is it possible to get the bathe with the ostomy bag? How can I bathe, and what precautions should I adopt with the stoma system?

Why Should Ostomates Know the Proper Way of Bathing and Stoma Hygiene?

After the stoma, careless routine and unhygienic appliances and hole can cause so many peristomal problems. The skin around the stoma is sensitive and needs cleanliness and supervision. Many ostomates do not think it as an essential of the daily routine. Thus, they jump into skin irritation, rashes, bleeding from the stoma, fluctuations in the size of the hole, and many other peristomal diseases. However, as an ostomy patient, you should know about the importance of peristomal hygiene and its health.

You should use the stoma appliances that can control the leakage. Moreover, use some ostomy skincare products that can look after the skin irritation, bad odor, itching, redness, rashes, and control the bleeding.

Some Significant Points to Learn the Proper Way of Bathing with Stoma

Here are a few considerations and noteworthy information you should know as an ostomate. By learning these points, you will know quite a lot of bathing rules. Moreover, you can bath with more comfortability and look after your stoma and peristomal skin.

  • The first and foremost point is knowing the exact location of the stoma hole. As an ostomate, you should know about the ostomy locality and type of ostomy surgery. Every stoma’s spot is not the same. Your stoma hole may derive from the transverse colon, the sigmoid colon, the descending colon, or the ascending colon. Thus, everyone’s place is different. Thus, you need to sit for bathe according to the location of your bag. If your situation is exceptional, then ask your nurse or doctor before taking a shower. Otherwise, you can bathe with or without the ostomy pouch in any type.
  • The second necessary point regarding the stoma appliances and shower is can you get your ostomy bag wet? Well, as I mentioned above, you can take a shower with your pouching system; therefore, the answer is yes. You can swim, bathe, play, and gym in your stoma tools. However, before showering, you should empty your pouch and clean your skin. If you want to remove the system, you can.
  • Moreover, if you are showering without the ostomy pouching system, water will not hurt the stoma and peristomal skin. You can wash and clean the stoma with the water. You can use water spray for washing and cleaning purposes. However, use gentle pressure and hands for cleaning.
  • One of the most important points for showering with the ostomy pouching system is not to stay in water for a long time. It can melt the adhesive or glue and remove your bag while bathing. However, during any activity like swimming or showering, it can create problems for you.
  • If you feel uncomfortable while showering, you can use an ostomy belt to secure and tighten the bag. Many ostomates do not remove the pouching system or feel reluctant to take shower with the stoma bag; thus, you can use the belt to cover it. Moreover, while taking a shower, you can use water-proof and odor-free ostomy bags.

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