Does Acidic Urine Help Urostomy Patients?

When the word acidic urine comes, many people misunderstand its purpose. However, it is beneficial for urostomy patients, as it controls the bacteria growth and decreases the build-up of salt crystals. Moreover, it can prevent the infections caused due to the urine. The accurate level of acidity can protect the peristomal skin from rashes, itching, and irritation.

Purpose of Urostomy

Many kidney and cancer patients have to undergo an operation called an ostomy. Thus, there are different types of surgery like urostomy, ileostomy, and colostomy. However, when the natural process of discharging the urine gets changed, called a urostomy.

Thus, the urostomy process forms an unnatural connection to the abdomen for the discharging of urine. After the surgery, a patient cannot excrete the liquid through the natural path. In the operation, doctors remove the bladder and a part of the urethras, they attach the remaining conduit to the artificial opening in the belly wall called a stoma. However, after the procedure, the urine passes through the stoma and collects it into the container called ostomy bag or pouch.

Acidic Urine

A human body naturally makes acidic urine with a normal pH of 6.0 to 7.5. However, the normal range of the pH is a body is 4.5 to 8.0. When a person’s urine shows pH 8.5 or 9.0, it is the sign of urea-splitting organisms like proteus, Klebsiella, urealyticum, or ureaplasma.

Thus, an asymptomatic patient whose urine indicates a high pH is a sign of urinary tract infection (UTI). Moreover, some other urine tests can disclose other kidney diseases in urostomy patients like Alkaline pH examination. It points out the struvite kidney stone in the person, called infection stones.

Fluctuations in the Level of Urine pH

The urine pH of an individual depends on the day and night, prandial state, diet routine, eating habits, medications, and meals you intake. The pH of urine manifests a diurnal alternative with fewer pH values at night and in the early morning. However, it exhibits a high acidic level at midnight.

After taking the meal, the urine immediately becomes alkaline due to the alkaline side. However, this component forms the urine acidic between the meals (slowly).

The meals with high protein exhibit the acidic urine; however, the diet associates with the vegetables shows alkaline urine. Vegetables, fruits, and citrus have bicarbonate element that produces alkaline urine.

However, we can fluctuate the level of pH and acidity by eating appropriate meals according to the need of pH. Juices, fruits, cranberry, grapes juice can lower the range of pH. Moreover, it can control the bacteria. The fluids help in flushing out the bacteria through urine.

Discover the Right Level of Acidity in your Urine

Well, you can determine the acidity by knowing the level of pH in your urine. The only thing you need to do is buy a pH kit from the pharmacy.

You can test your urine on the pH kit. If it shows a pH of 5 or lower than this, it means your urine has low acidity. However, a pH of 6 or high exhibits the alkaline in the urine.

Before jumping to any result, ask your doctor or nurse for details about the right pH level in your urine. Moreover, to balance the acidity and alkaline in the urine, consult your surgeon for the appropriate diet plan.

However, for urostomy patients, the following are the steps you should follow to get the urine sample.

  • You need to remove the already attached ostomy bag
  • Wash and clean the stoma and peristomal skin.
  • Attach a new ostomy pouch to the stoma.
  • Wait for a few minutes to collect the urine in the sack. You need approximately 4 full spoons as a sample.

Empty the ostomy bag into another container and check the pH through the kit.

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