Learn the Proper Way of Bathing Stoma Bag

When you have a stoma, your entire life gets changed. You need to live a new life with some changes. Therefore, you must know about the stoma, it’s care, and the importance of hygiene. Most of the ostomates do not know about stoma care and its impact on their well-being.

After the ostomy surgery, you need to do care for the stoma and its appliance as you are concerned about yourself. Thus, the question arises regarding cleanliness and care of the stoma hole, and the pouch is about taking a shower. So, is it possible to get the bathe with the ostomy bag? How can I bathe, and what precautions should I adopt with the stoma system?

Why Should Ostomates Know the Proper Way of Bathing and Stoma Hygiene?

After the stoma, careless routine and unhygienic appliances and hole can cause so many peristomal problems. The skin around the stoma is sensitive and needs cleanliness and supervision. Many ostomates do not think it as an essential of the daily routine. Thus, they jump into skin irritation, rashes, bleeding from the stoma, fluctuations in the size of the hole, and many other peristomal diseases. However, as an ostomy patient, you should know about the importance of peristomal hygiene and its health.

You should use the stoma appliances that can control the leakage. Moreover, use some ostomy skincare products that can look after the skin irritation, bad odor, itching, redness, rashes, and control the bleeding.

Some Significant Points to Learn the Proper Way of Bathing with Stoma

Here are a few considerations and noteworthy information you should know as an ostomate. By learning these points, you will know quite a lot of bathing rules. Moreover, you can bath with more comfortability and look after your stoma and peristomal skin.

  • The first and foremost point is knowing the exact location of the stoma hole. As an ostomate, you should know about the ostomy locality and type of ostomy surgery. Every stoma’s spot is not the same. Your stoma hole may derive from the transverse colon, the sigmoid colon, the descending colon, or the ascending colon. Thus, everyone’s place is different. Thus, you need to sit for bathe according to the location of your bag. If your situation is exceptional, then ask your nurse or doctor before taking a shower. Otherwise, you can bathe with or without the ostomy pouch in any type.
  • The second necessary point regarding the stoma appliances and shower is can you get your ostomy bag wet? Well, as I mentioned above, you can take a shower with your pouching system; therefore, the answer is yes. You can swim, bathe, play, and gym in your stoma tools. However, before showering, you should empty your pouch and clean your skin. If you want to remove the system, you can.
  • Moreover, if you are showering without the ostomy pouching system, water will not hurt the stoma and peristomal skin. You can wash and clean the stoma with the water. You can use water spray for washing and cleaning purposes. However, use gentle pressure and hands for cleaning.
  • One of the most important points for showering with the ostomy pouching system is not to stay in water for a long time. It can melt the adhesive or glue and remove your bag while bathing. However, during any activity like swimming or showering, it can create problems for you.
  • If you feel uncomfortable while showering, you can use an ostomy belt to secure and tighten the bag. Many ostomates do not remove the pouching system or feel reluctant to take shower with the stoma bag; thus, you can use the belt to cover it. Moreover, while taking a shower, you can use water-proof and odor-free ostomy bags.

What are Ostomy Belts?

Ostomy Belt

Ostomy belt is a gadget that protects and supports the weight of ostomy appliances. The patient has to wrap this belt around the abdomen. While performing some forceful activities, an ostomate should wear this device to hold up the gears.

Ostomy belts are the perfect solution for keeping the ostomy supplies on their place. They can hold and support the flanges and pouches. Moreover, they can preserve the seal of the bag and prevent leakage. Ostomy belt is an elastic device that hooks onto the small loops on the straps.

After the ostomy surgery, it is hard to get back to your previous life. You need some time to manage life with the stoma and its supplies. Right after the operation, you lose your muscles, to gain them back, you have to perform some physical activities daily. You should walk for a few minutes post-surgery. You need to rebuild the muscles that you have lost during the ostomy operation. Well, with small physical activities, you will get back to your previous life and do whatever you want to do such as running, gym, biking, golf, swimming, cycling, or any other sport.

Thus, while performing any physical activity like running, gym, swimming, etc., you need some sort of support for the ostomy appliances. You need to be sure that your stoma gadgets are affixed. So, your perfect taping material is here in the name of an ostomy belt.

They are useful for supporting your ostomy appliances like bags, flanges, and seal. Ostomy belts can cover the gadgets and control the leakage. However, if you sweat a lot, you need to change your ostomy flanges during the play.

Why is Ostomy Belt Important for Ostomates?

Ostomy patients have to face several problems regarding the appliance they use for the stoma. No matter how expensive or unique flanges, bags, pouches, or adhesives they use, patients usually complain about the leakage, misplacement of the devices, release of odor, and gas. However, until now, there are no appropriate solutions for dealing with ostomy appliances’ issues.

Ostomates have to face embarrassment in public, they give up going shopping, doing outdoor activities, and public gatherings.

As I mentioned above, there is no ultimate solution to the problems of ostomates; however, they can control and prevent many issues of ostomy supplies with the help of an ostomy belt. They have to wrap it around the belly, and it will prevent the leakage and control the placement of flanges and adhesives. The ostomy belt supports the ostomy system in proper functioning and placement. They are usually available in one to one point five inches in width and one hindered and fifty-four inches in length.

Advantages of Ostomy Belt

Here are some tremendous advantages of the ostomy belt:

  • An ostomy belt can hide your stoma pouch under its wrapping. Moreover, it supports and stabilizes the appliances like flanges or bag.
  • An ostomy belt can hold the weight of the stoma pouch which is full of discharge.
  • It can make the noise quiet appears in the ostomy bag due to gas and fluid.
  • An ostomy belt can fic and tighten the stoma appliances. Thus, they cannot move and there are almost zero chances of leakage and pain.
  • Moreover, they can reduce the tendency of skin rashes and itches around the stoma (peristomal skin).
  • An ostomy belt provides additional lateral support to the tissues and muscles around the skin of stoma.
  • It can protect and support the ostomy appliances in all the ways much better than any other solution. It can eliminate any skin related issues arise due to the stoma and leakage.

The Right Position of the Ostomy Belt

While wearing the belt, make it is not too tight (that creates problems for your waist and skin) and not too loose (that generates issues for the holding and protecting of ostomy appliances and leakage). You should position the belt at three and nine o’clock orders.

Does Acidic Urine Help Urostomy Patients?

When the word acidic urine comes, many people misunderstand its purpose. However, it is beneficial for urostomy patients, as it controls the bacteria growth and decreases the build-up of salt crystals. Moreover, it can prevent the infections caused due to the urine. The accurate level of acidity can protect the peristomal skin from rashes, itching, and irritation.

Purpose of Urostomy

Many kidney and cancer patients have to undergo an operation called an ostomy. Thus, there are different types of surgery like urostomy, ileostomy, and colostomy. However, when the natural process of discharging the urine gets changed, called a urostomy.

Thus, the urostomy process forms an unnatural connection to the abdomen for the discharging of urine. After the surgery, a patient cannot excrete the liquid through the natural path. In the operation, doctors remove the bladder and a part of the urethras, they attach the remaining conduit to the artificial opening in the belly wall called a stoma. However, after the procedure, the urine passes through the stoma and collects it into the container called ostomy bag or pouch.

Acidic Urine

A human body naturally makes acidic urine with a normal pH of 6.0 to 7.5. However, the normal range of the pH is a body is 4.5 to 8.0. When a person’s urine shows pH 8.5 or 9.0, it is the sign of urea-splitting organisms like proteus, Klebsiella, urealyticum, or ureaplasma.

Thus, an asymptomatic patient whose urine indicates a high pH is a sign of urinary tract infection (UTI). Moreover, some other urine tests can disclose other kidney diseases in urostomy patients like Alkaline pH examination. It points out the struvite kidney stone in the person, called infection stones.

Fluctuations in the Level of Urine pH

The urine pH of an individual depends on the day and night, prandial state, diet routine, eating habits, medications, and meals you intake. The pH of urine manifests a diurnal alternative with fewer pH values at night and in the early morning. However, it exhibits a high acidic level at midnight.

After taking the meal, the urine immediately becomes alkaline due to the alkaline side. However, this component forms the urine acidic between the meals (slowly).

The meals with high protein exhibit the acidic urine; however, the diet associates with the vegetables shows alkaline urine. Vegetables, fruits, and citrus have bicarbonate element that produces alkaline urine.

However, we can fluctuate the level of pH and acidity by eating appropriate meals according to the need of pH. Juices, fruits, cranberry, grapes juice can lower the range of pH. Moreover, it can control the bacteria. The fluids help in flushing out the bacteria through urine.

Discover the Right Level of Acidity in your Urine

Well, you can determine the acidity by knowing the level of pH in your urine. The only thing you need to do is buy a pH kit from the pharmacy.

You can test your urine on the pH kit. If it shows a pH of 5 or lower than this, it means your urine has low acidity. However, a pH of 6 or high exhibits the alkaline in the urine.

Before jumping to any result, ask your doctor or nurse for details about the right pH level in your urine. Moreover, to balance the acidity and alkaline in the urine, consult your surgeon for the appropriate diet plan.

However, for urostomy patients, the following are the steps you should follow to get the urine sample.

  • You need to remove the already attached ostomy bag
  • Wash and clean the stoma and peristomal skin.
  • Attach a new ostomy pouch to the stoma.
  • Wait for a few minutes to collect the urine in the sack. You need approximately 4 full spoons as a sample.

Empty the ostomy bag into another container and check the pH through the kit.

Can you survive a month without ostomy gear?

Seeing how crazy life can get in the United States has left me wondering if I am prepared for the worst.  There is so much political hate that people are willing to let cities burn for re-election.  The United States has changed and in 2021 the COVID-19 Pandemic was only a catalyst that showed me and many others that the economy can collapse in an instant.  In some places, it already had small micro collapses.  It really is hard to believe, because I have never felt that our first world economy would ever struggle at anything.  But we saw that our freedoms could be taken away in a heartbeat and half the country wanted it.  Now, this is not a talk about freedom or rights, but as a person who has a stoma and needs medical gear to survive to see the ability to get that gear to disappear.

It is important to be worry-free and being prepared seems to help me.  I wanted to make sure that if all the big problems that took place over the last few months took place in my city I would be prepared.  I had friends who have stomas and need medical gear each month who lived in those cities.  They told me that most stores shutdown.  Their local pharmacies were allowed to stay open, but then the riots came.  People started rioting and burning and looting all across the nation and in major cities, they were not stopped.  The governments stopped the police from policing.  This led to pharmacies being the first targets and that deals directly with my health and worried me.

With pharmacies being a big part of our lives as people with stomas it got me scared. cNow pharmacies are not the first stop for ostomy gear in most people’s lives. But they are a place we can get supplemented or backups from when we need it.  Now, what didn’t make the news was that deliveries and shipping did not happen in those major cities where riots took place.  People stopped working in those areas and my friends were trapped.  It was literally a looting nightmare and if they left their home their safety was going to be put at stake.  No government was going to help and they didn’t.  It took up to two months to get gear.

It is truly sad that this is not a joke, this is America.  So what I took from this was a lesson they told me.  It was to prepare for supplies to not be available for up to two months.  This is a good buffer of extra gear to have on hand in case something bad does happen again.  The election is right down the road and it looks like this is all a possibility again. I just want to be prepared if it happens again.

Getting a few months to supply extra on hand was my answer.  I know that I am a stickler for expiration dates, so I also plan on substituting the gear out over time as my monthly shipments come in.  I think that with the way our economy is and how uncertain the markets are that this is a wise move.  I never thought about prepping before 2020, but seeing bad things happens makes me want to prepare.  Be wise, be safe, and do what suits you best.

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