Don’t Run Out of Ostomy Gear

This year has been a wild ride for most of the world.  The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a crazy effect on the world from economies going crazy and shutting down and many governments completely locking people in their homes for up to six months.  In American, the economy has still not picked up and most governments are threatening to shutdown business again.  That means that if you have needs for food, medical supplies or just plane jane items you may need to stock up.  The truth is that I have a stoma and that means that I need extra items that most people don’t each month.  What I have seen this year is that the United States Economy is not perfect.  I have seen shipping stop, cities get shutdown and riots shut down whole sections of the United States in all aspects.  The election just took place and a president has not been called yet.  What I am seeing is the worst parts of 2020 happening all over again and possibly happening even worse than before.  So I am going to prepare and have prepared.

The real reason I am doing this is that people who lived in Los Angelus or many west coast cities found that their lives could change overnight.  They saw police disappear as their local governments stopped policing.  They saw parts of their country stop following the rule of law for months on end.  The fact is that shipping and truckers stopped delivering goods and life did not get back to normal.  People who went to local pharmacies for their ostomy gear saw them burned to the ground and thousands of fugitives who were constantly committing felonies were roaming the streets in gangs.  The fact is that they were in trouble.  The ostomy gear they stocked up was not enough to last more than a month.  I saw friends having major problems with ostomy gear and had to use older items beyond their lifetimes. 

I am not going to allow myself to go through this or to be at the mercy of the mail or a local store that could be burned to the ground by criminals overnight.  It is now no longer a fear, but a fact.  This happened and shut down major parts of the United States and all media refused to show it.  If this happens again, I am not going to be afraid of running out of gear.  Instead of just hoping my just in time delivery from the mail will happen I decided to stock up.  For the last few months, I have double ordered all my gear and will continue to do so.  I don’t care what our elected officials say, I saw them give their entire cities to chaos and rioting for months and not stop it. 

I saw them pushing criminals to do harm to our country and none of them are in prison. No elected officials are as well.  So I am preparing my ostomy gear to make sure this doesn’t happen to me.  I am even getting extra for a few friends that I know cannot afford to stock up this much gear incase the election causes unrest again.

I am not suggesting going crazy, but know that the United States can be shutdown overnight and that no government or police is going to help you. Stay safe and protect yourself.

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