Can you survive a month without ostomy gear?

Seeing how crazy life can get in the United States has left me wondering if I am prepared for the worst.  There is so much political hate that people are willing to let cities burn for re-election.  The United States has changed and in 2021 the COVID-19 Pandemic was only a catalyst that showed me and many others that the economy can collapse in an instant.  In some places, it already had small micro collapses.  It really is hard to believe, because I have never felt that our first world economy would ever struggle at anything.  But we saw that our freedoms could be taken away in a heartbeat and half the country wanted it.  Now, this is not a talk about freedom or rights, but as a person who has a stoma and needs medical gear to survive to see the ability to get that gear to disappear.

It is important to be worry-free and being prepared seems to help me.  I wanted to make sure that if all the big problems that took place over the last few months took place in my city I would be prepared.  I had friends who have stomas and need medical gear each month who lived in those cities.  They told me that most stores shutdown.  Their local pharmacies were allowed to stay open, but then the riots came.  People started rioting and burning and looting all across the nation and in major cities, they were not stopped.  The governments stopped the police from policing.  This led to pharmacies being the first targets and that deals directly with my health and worried me.

With pharmacies being a big part of our lives as people with stomas it got me scared. cNow pharmacies are not the first stop for ostomy gear in most people’s lives. But they are a place we can get supplemented or backups from when we need it.  Now, what didn’t make the news was that deliveries and shipping did not happen in those major cities where riots took place.  People stopped working in those areas and my friends were trapped.  It was literally a looting nightmare and if they left their home their safety was going to be put at stake.  No government was going to help and they didn’t.  It took up to two months to get gear.

It is truly sad that this is not a joke, this is America.  So what I took from this was a lesson they told me.  It was to prepare for supplies to not be available for up to two months.  This is a good buffer of extra gear to have on hand in case something bad does happen again.  The election is right down the road and it looks like this is all a possibility again. I just want to be prepared if it happens again.

Getting a few months to supply extra on hand was my answer.  I know that I am a stickler for expiration dates, so I also plan on substituting the gear out over time as my monthly shipments come in.  I think that with the way our economy is and how uncertain the markets are that this is a wise move.  I never thought about prepping before 2020, but seeing bad things happens makes me want to prepare.  Be wise, be safe, and do what suits you best.

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